Picture of Uber on phone to highlight Uber customer service.

Uber Customer Service – How to Contact them

Have you ever wondered how to contact Uber customer service? If you have, then you know how difficult it is to do so. I thought I would do some research to find out. This is what I have found below.

Uber Customer Service – It’s All About the App

By looking at their website, it is pretty obvious they want both their drivers and customers to use their App. Once you have their App downloaded on your phone then you can contact them. For example, if you are in Canada, Uber’s website lays out the procedure on how to contact them once you have the App as shown below:

“We’ve heard from driver-partners everywhere that you’d like the option of contacting us by phone whenever you need help or have a question about driving with Uber.

We want to be there for you—whether you’re on the road or off. So thanks to your feedback, we’re introducing 24/​7 phone support.

You can now speak directly with trained agents right over the phone. Whether you have a question about your account or want to report an incident, we’ll be ready to help—24/​7.

To speak with an agent, just go to the Help tab of your Uber Driver app and find the blue phone icon.’

How it works

-Open your Uber Driver App

-Tap Help

-Tap the Blue Phone Icon

-Tap Call Support

Uber Customer Service, An Emergency Number

On Elliot Advocacy’s website, they list an emergency number that both drivers and customers can use if they have an emergency or a safety related issue. This number is 800-353-8237 or 800-353-UBER.

They also list a main number which is 866-576-1039. Finally they also have their mailing address which is:

1455 Market St
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103


The most obvious way to contact Uber is to have their App download and to contact them within that. It makes sense as this the Uber prefers to be contacted. However, it is also nice to know that their are some other alternatives available to especially phone numbers because despite all our technological advances, most people still prefer to talk to someone over the phone.