Buy Pur Gum online in Canada – Xylitol gum (Sugar free and aspartame free gum and mints) – Keto friendly

I absolutely adore Pur gum and mints. Anyone who knows me knows that I always have a large bag of Pur gum in my purse. (True story: my little nephew, who was three at the time, saw bags of Pur gum hanging in a store. He excitedly pointed to the bags of gum, and screeched at his Mom: “Auntie Tina!” So…I might even have a slight addiction to the stuff. I’m not ashamed, I’m not ashamed.) And, anyone who ever needs a piece of gum always knows who to come to! I not only stock up on the stuff, but I’m pretty happy to share it with anyone else.

I became such a fan of this stuff a few years ago, when I realized that by chewing gum with aspartame all the time, I was actually consuming an awful lot of aspartame! I had mostly taken aspartame out of my diet via other things – like pop or foods – but I still was consuming it by chewing gum. So, I love that this gum tastes delicious, doesn’t have sugar OR aspartame, and is in fact good for your teeth! Xylitol is a natural sweetener that inhibits the type of bacteria that causes cavities. So, chewing Xylitol gum can help to strengthen your teeth, and prevent cavities! (But – an important warning here to pet owners. Xylitol is POISONOUS to cats and dogs! If you have a pet in the house, please keep any xylitol products stored up high and well out of their reach. We want to keep our little buddies healthy and safe.)

If you’re looking to break your addiction to aspartame gum, then search no further! Pur gum actually tastes good, and I find that it stays nice and chewy for longer than some other types of xylitol gums. The flavours are awesome, too!

Here are my favourite Pur brand gum and mint varieties:

Pur sugar free mints – Multi flavour pack

Wow, this is an awesome deal on right now for the multi-pack, where you get to try all the flavours of Pur mints! I really like the peppermint flavour for a good, traditionally strong minty flavour – you know, what you really need after a strong cup of coffee. But, I equally adore the Mojito mint and Tangerine flavours. The Mojito mint mixes mint flavouring with natural lime essence – delish! Prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Pur Gum – Sugar free and aspartame free chewing gum (Xylitol sweetened)

And again, a favourite deal on a multi-pack, this time on Pur gum. I’ve personally tried all of these flavours and really enjoyed all of them. Spearmint is my go-to gum flavour, as it’s a bit milder and I just like that particular taste. But all of these are flavours of chewing gum that you’ll like – especially the cinnamon! I find that chewing on a piece of Pur cinnamon gum gets rid of my sweets cravings – sometimes! hahaha I can’t guarantee that you won’t still want a chocolate bar (looking in the mirror), but it is a good option to try.

And, all of these Pur gum and mints are Keto friendly. And there is no funky aftertaste like you get with a lot of sweeteners. Great flavour, no sugar or aspartame, stays soft and chewy longer. Check, check, and check. Stock up on some of this delightful stuff, and even your teeth will thank you.

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