Wayfair Customer Service Phone Number – Canada and US numbers

Wayfair is a mega popular online retailer selling all things home and garden. I recently shopped on Wayfair to help my Mom furnish her new smaller space, and it was a pretty seamless undertaking! But, like with any retailer, there will be times when you need to contact Wayfair by phone to get help with an order, or perhaps help with a product you’ve purchased. So we’ve got you covered!

Wayfair Customer Service phone number – Canada

I had to do a little digging to discover this one! So, the same main customer service line that works for the US does also work for Canadian customers. (I simply called it to make sure!) So, for Wayfair customer service in Canada, call 1-877-929-3247. Easy peasy!

Wayfair Customer service number – US customers (for Wayfair.com)

The best number to contact Wayfair’s customer service agents in the US is at 1-877-929-3247. We also found another customer service line available at 1-866-263-8325 in case you need an alternate number to try.

Wayfair Customer Service – Conclusion

There we have it – two different customer service numbers to directly get in touch with Wayfair regarding their products, or any problems you’re having with an order. Always make sure to have all relevant paperwork ready before you speak to customer service. This can include your order number, date of your order, product numbers, etc. All of this type of information will help the customer service rep help you quickly.

Bargains on Cool Cat Furniture and Cat Trees in Canada


Now, if you’re a cat lover like I am, you’ll know that a cat tree is more than just a foolish overindulgence for spoiled kitties. Cat trees, jungle gyms or kitty condos are in fact a healthy option – especially for indoor cats. The natural play and climbing that cats get to enjoy on real trees outdoors can be replicated inside. If you have a pet cat, they will be beyond thrilled to have a cat tree to play on.

I love the idea of cat trees so much that I’ve started a new blog entirely devoted to cat trees and cat furniture. The best thing for bargain hunters is that both Amazon and Wayfair often have their best rated cat trees on sale! So, pop over to https://cattrees.ca to see what goodies we have in store for you and your feline pals!

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