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Real Canadian Superstore – New Flyer – Best PC Optimum deals this week

Again, we want to help you load up on more PC Optimum points! So, here are all the best ways we discovered in this week’s Superstore flyer to LOAD UP on those precious points and earn free groceries.

Get 5000 points on Quaker Crispy Minis and Cheetos mac ‘n’cheese (specific types)

Get 5000 bonus PC Optimum points for every $15 you spend on Crispy Minis, large rice cakes, veggie crispy minis or Cheetos mac ‘n’ cheese. Please check in store for exact sizes, etc.

Get 4000 PC Optimum points on Old El Paso products

Get 4000 points for every $10 spent on Old El Paso beans, tortilla bowls, taco shells or tortillas. It’s tacos for dinner, y’all!

Get 6000 bonus PC Optimum points on Huggies diapers

Buy 2 Huggies diapers Club packs (large size packages of diapers) and get 6000 bonus points. (Find more diaper posts here.) Make this an even greater deal by matching it with some coupons, too!