Blue Wilderness Dog Food and Puppy food on Sale with $10 off coupons

Hi dog lovers! Today we’re writing all about Blue Wilderness dog food – actually called Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food. This high quality dog food is available in many different varieties, and right now on Amazon there are quite a few types that have money saving coupons available. So, today might be time to stock up on Blue Wilderness!

Blue Wilderness Dog Food – $10 off coupons right now:

All of these varieties currently have a $10 coupon available to save you more money! All prices and coupon offers are current at time of writing but can change at any time.

There you go, guys! With some of the supply chain issues affecting even pet food, it might be a good time to stock up on pet food, and this is a deal that makes it worth while.

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Sally Hansen Insta Dri nail color – Instant dry nail polish on sale $3.79 – Regular $6.49 (Amazon sales)

Sometimes, we just need a bright new nail polish to brighten up our hands and hey, even our days! If your favorite nail polish is Sally Hansen Insta Dry – and I love it too, since it dries pretty much instantly, as its name would suggest – then you’re going to love to hear about this sale. $3.79 for all these fun shades. I went searching to find ONLY the $3.79 shades, so this is an awesome bargain.

So which colour is your favourite?

Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Orange, Blue, Purple, sparkly and more – Instant dry nail polish

Right, so the best thing about this nail polish is how FAST it dries, so you don’t have to wait around forever before carrying on with your daily life. Don’t you hate when your nail polish gets smudged and you have to redo a nail or two?

Tons of colours to choose from, including Sour Patch Kids Pump Kid shade ($3.79 currently), featured in the photo above, a creamy kind of orange shade. Surprisingly, I’m really kind of loving that one! But, there are tons of other colours to choose from, and all are currently in stock on Amazon:

  • Full Moon shade (a medium blue) $3.79 currently
  • Hallo Queen (a sparkly silver; super fun) $3.79 currently
  • In a Blush (very very pale pink; quite pretty for anytime at all) $3.79 currently
  • Midnight Drive (very dark, elegant navy blue shade) $3.79 right now
  • Petal Pusher (a glossy lilac shade – it would be really nice in springtime, or hey, any time!) $3.97 currentlyj

This was a fun post to research, you guys. Hope you went and found exactly the right shade of nail polish to cheer up your day – or makes for a nice, inexpensive little gift for a friend. Happy shopping!

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Ensure Meal Replacements on Amazon – Sale price of only $8.97 for 6

Ensure meal replacements are an important way that many people get enough healthy, nutritious calories every day. And, to keep things easy, a lot of people choose to order them on Amazon. Yes, Amazon does stock Ensure products in many flavours and varieties! Please note that the prices we list are current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Here are all the current types of Ensure meal replacement drinks we found:

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Ensure High Protein meal replacement drinks – Vanilla flavour and other flavours (premixed shakes)

  • Excellent choice if you need to add more protein to your diet. Each bottle of Ensure High protein has a whopping 16 grams of protein per drink!
  • The high protein Ensure also has 50% less sugar – so it is an excellent choice for overall health, as you’ll be consuming less sugar, but still all the nutrients and vitamins you need to maintain good health.
  • Is vanilla not your favourite flavour? Don’t worry – Ensure has tons of flavours to choose from! Their high protein drinks also come in Strawberry or Chocolate flavour.
  • Right now this pack of 6 high protein Ensure drinks is on for only $8.97 – an excellent deal, particularly if you buy a few and take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping over $25 (Prime) OR $35 (regular customers.)

Ensure Regular Meal Replacement shakes – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and more flavours (premixed drinks)

Ensure regular pre-mixed shakes/drinks also have a good amount of protein (9.4 grams of protein per drink), and of course, all the vitamins and minerals that you need to stay active and healthy. We have the Strawberry flavour shown above, but there are other flavours too:

Ensure meal replacements on Amazon – Conclusion

We hope our research of the best deals on Ensure on Amazon helps to make your shopping trip a little easier. Thank you for visiting BargainBlog – keep checking back for more helpful deals and bargains to make your dollar stretch a little further every month.

Shoppers Drug Mart Flyer this Week – Best PC Optimum points deals – BONUS Redemption Week!!

Hello everyone! Today we’re back with the preview of next week’s Shoppers flyer for the week. This flyer is in effect from Saturday, January 8 to Friday, January 14, 2022. (And am I the only one still freaking about it being 2022??) There are loads of excellent deals, as is usually case in January. Let’s go find the best deals and the best ways for you to stock up on our favourite points of all – of course, that is PC Optimum points! (Check out all of our most recent posts about PC Optimum here.)

BONUS Redemption Week for PC Optimum Points

Yay! We love a bonus redemption week What’s the big deal? Bonus redemption weeks are a time when you can get even more value for redeeming your hard earned points. Please note that these deals are in effect from January 7 to Wednesday, January 12, 2022. So this event is a 6 day event so if you’ve been waiting for it, make sure to plan your trip within those days.

Here are the details of the bonus redemption this time around:

  • Get up to $65 off when you spend 50,000 points. That’s an extra $15 free!
  • Get up to $140 off when you spend 100,000 points. That’s an extra $40 free!
  • Get up to $300 off when you spend 200,000 points. That’s an extra $100 free!

Bonus PC Optimum Points on FOOD & GROCERIES

  • Kellogg’s Mini Wheats cereal OR Kids cereals (selected types and sizes) $3.99 each AND buy 2 get 2000 points

Bonus PC Optimum Points on HEALTH & BEAUTY

There are a WHOLE bunch of deals on flu, cold and cough products this week in case your family is sick right now. (And if you are – please get better soon.)

  • Get 8000 points when you spend $40 or more on the following brands: Crest, Pantene, Venus, Always, Tampax or Pampers. This is a great way to get bonus points if you need diapers, Moms and Dads!
  • Advil cold tablets (16-40’s) OR Robitussin honey cough syrup (115 ml to 250 ml bottles) – Up to 15% off AND Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Benylin All in One, Tylenol Complete liquid (170 to 180 ml bottles) OR Tylenol Complete caplets (18-24) $14.99 each AND Spend $20 get 4000 points
  • Benylin cough syrup (250 ml) OR Tylenol cold products (36 to 50 caplets in a pack) $13.99 AND Spend $20 get 4000 points\
  • Benylin or Tylenol Children’s Cold liquid 100 ml bottles – Up to 10% off AND Spend $20 get 4000 points
  • Claritin (85’s) or Aerius (50’s to 80’s) allergy pills (tablets) – Up to 15% off and Get 15,000 points
  • Cold FX Regular (150’s) Or Extra strength (100’s) $49.99 each and get 4000 points on each
  • DDRops – Vitamin D drops for either adults or babies – Buy 2 get 1500 points
  • Echinaforce A Vogel natural cold and flu products (such as their Echinaforce Extra or regular Echnicaforce that uses echinacea) – Up to 20% off regular price AND Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Dermablend professional makeup products – Buy 2 get 12,000 points
  • Dr. Roebuck’s skin care products – selected types and sizes – Buy 2 get 10,000 bonus points
  • Essie Gel couture nail enamel – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Harry’s or Flamingo high end razors – selected types – Get 3000 points
  • Hawaiian Tropic OR Ombrelle sun care products, such as sunblock or sunscreen – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • La Roche Posay high end skin care products (selected types and sizes) – Buy 2 get 6000 points
  • La Roche Posay Cicaplast Balm B5 multi repair cream for dry and irritated skin zones – buy 2 get 6000 points
  • Life brand disposable razors (3 to 18 razors in a pack) – Buy 2 get 4000 pointsf
  • Lise Watier skin care products – selected types and sizes (such as Sublime Essence OR Lift & Firm Zone) – Buy 2 get 10,000 points
  • Loreal Hair Expertise, Men Expert shampoo or conditioner (385 ml each) Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Lotus Aroma skin care products (New product alert: Daily hydrating serum) – Get 20 times the points
  • Mucinex expectorant tablets (20’s to 40’s) OR Mucinex Multi action caplets OR Cepacol or Strepsils cough and throat lozenges (assorted types and sizes) – Buy 2 get 3000 points
  • Neo Citran powder sachets for colds and flus (10 in a pack) OR Buckley’s, selected types and varieties – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Neutrogena or Aveeno sun care products, such as sunblock or sunscreen – buy 2 get 4000 points
  • No. 7 skincare serum – Buy 2 get 5000 points
  • Philosophy skin care – Selected types and products – Spend $50 get 10,000 points
  • Quo beauty bath products – Selected types and sizes – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Quo beauty cosmetic brushes – Spend $25 get 5000 points
  • Quo beauty cosmetic products – selected types – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • ProActiv acne cleansing product and skin care – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Pur facial moisturizers (* such as their popular 4-in-1 Cloud Cream) – Get 10,000 points
  • Refresh Optive Fusion lubricant eye drops (both hydrates and lubricates dry eyes) (2 x 10 ml bottles) OR Refresh Tears eye drops (2 x 15 ml bottles) OR Refresh Ultra eye drops (2 x 15 ml bottles) = Save up to 20% AND Get 20 times the points
  • Strivectin Contour Restore tightening and sculpting face cream – Buy 2 get 15,000 points
  • Vichy Mineral 89, Aqualia or Liftactiv skin care products – Buy 2 get 5000 points


  • Life brand Vitamins B, E, calcium or eye vitamins – selected types and sizes – Buy 2 get 4000 points
  • Life brand Vitamins C, D or Mineral products – Buy 2 get 2500 points

WaySpa gift cards – Bonus PC Optimum points offer

Spend $50 on a WaySpa gift card at Shoppers Drug Mart, and get a bonus 7500 PC Optimum points! Actually, that’s extra points for each $50 you spend, so you could really rack up some extra points if you need a gift for someone. 🙂

Cool Runnings spice blend – HUGE Container (800 grams) on Amazon for only $3.47!

Ooh, I have to pop up this deal I just found before it’s all gone. The popular Cool Runnings seasoning blend (seasoned salt) is on an amazing deal on Amazon right now, and people love them because they contain NO MSG.

The massive 800 gram pack of Carribbean Spice and Roasted Garlic is only $3.47. (Less than some bottles far smaller than that. For instance a 350 gram bottle is currently selling for up to $5.99 each, so you see what I mean about a deal on this?)

Delicious to sprinkle on just about anything you’re cooking, including meats and fish, chicken of course, or sprinkle some onto your veggies before you roast them. YUM is all I have to say. You can see all the different Cool Runnings spice blends available here.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we could earn a small commission on sales at no extra cost to you. Thank you very much.