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Shoppers Drug Mart – Bonus Redemption Event (PC Optimum points) – February 3 to 8, 2023

We always have to tell you about a BONUS REDEMPTION EVENT at Shoppers! You’ll get way more value out of your precious PC Optimum points this way. (Love all things PC Optimum? Check out all those posts here.)

From Friday, February 3 to Wednesday, February 8 2023 – get the following bonus redemption values when you redeem your PC Optimum points:

  • Redeem 50,000 points and get up to $65 off ($15 more than regular – the normal redemption value is $50)
  • Redeem 100,000 points and get up to $140 off ($40 extra! The normal redemption value of those points is $100.)
  • Redeem 200,000 points and get up to $300 off! (That’s an extra $100!! Nice! Normal redemption value of this amount of points is $200.)