Where can I find sunflower oil? We found a good deal at Walmart (shortages)

If, like me, you love to use sunflower oil to cook with – from scrambled eggs in the morning, to cooking a couple of veggie burgers for a quick meal – or to bake with, then you’ll already have noticed that there is a huge sunflower oil shortage. Many news outlets say that this is due to the shortage of oil being exported out of Ukraine right now, because of the terrible conflict there. I never knew, but Ukraine is one of the world’s top providers of sunflower oil and sunflower products. This shortage will not only impact consumers directly, but also manufacturers, as sunflower oil is a popular, healthy oil to use in other food products.

Does Walmart have sunflower oil? Yes

I have managed to find a pretty good deal still available at Walmart right now. Check your local store online at https://www.walmart.ca before heading out to make sure sunflower oil is still in stock.

As of this morning there is still stock available and a 3 liter jug of sunflower oil is available for $13.97 or $4.66 per liter. Compare this to prices of $6.99 and even higher for 946 mls or 1 liter of oil in other locations. If you can afford to, it still makes sense to get a few extra of these, even at the higher price! Because it certainly seems as if this will be an ongoing problem, so if sunflower oil is your oil of choice – then stock up a bit when you can.