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Air purifiers Costco – Best deals (sales) on air cleaners and purifiers (Air pollution and wildfires)

Have you been searching for an air purifier for you home? Costco is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons:

  1. Costco usually has the best price. I figure this is due to their ability to order in such huge quantities, and therefore they can likely negotiate the price of products down. Consumers for the win!
  2. Costco’s customer service is incredible – As in, their return policy! If you need to return any product (for legit reasons of course) then Costco is willing to accept a problematic product back. It’s nice to know that they want you to be so happy with your purchase.

Germ Guardian Air purifiers at Costco

Some of the highest ranking air purifiers at Costco are Germ Guardian brand (link to Costco website.) They are reasonably priced appliances, and you can often purchase the replacement filters either in store at Costco OR online. (Amazon does currently stock Germ Guardian too, if you want to check them out there. Sometimes a little comparison shopping is a very good thing!)

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