25 Best Bargains and Sales at Superstore This Week – Groceries, cleaning items and more + POINTS!! (January 26 to February 1, 2023)

This week we’ll do things a little differently. I’ll do the research to find you the cheapest Superstore grocery finds, and all you have to do is decide which are the best deals for you! This week is POINTS DAYS at Superstore – there are over 500,000 point available in their flyer this week! So, if you plan to do a bit of shopping, be sure to get all the points you can.

10,000 points = $10 of free stuff.

All deals are in effect from January 26 to February 1, 2023 unless otherwise noted.


Cheapest Deals at Superstore this week – Our 25 Picks

  1. BABY – Fridababy or Fridamom products – An awesome 20,000 points back when you spend $50 on these products this week. Nice savings! (This is a pretty interesting company…the FridaMom products are for Mom’s self care after baby. Whereas the Fridababy products specialize in things for the little ones like nasal aspirators or liquid medicine dispensers.)
  2. BABY – Pampers Swaddlers diapers in the value pack (So, 120-192 in each pack, depending on the age/size of the baby). These are for sizes 3-6. $39.99 each with a limit of 4; overlimit price is $45.99 each.
  3. BAKERY – No name English muffins, 6 in a pack – Only $1.50 when you buy in groups of 2 (Or $1.99 if you buy just one pack.) Top it with some guava jam for a really different taste!
  4. DAIRY – Chip dip! Heluva Good dip in the 250 gram tub is only $2.49 with a limit of 4, over limit price is $3.89.
  5. DAIRY – Lactantia lactose free milk – $4.89 for the 2 L cartons. A great deal for lactose free!
  6. DELI – Reser’s salads – such as potato salad, potato and egg salad, or coleslaw – large 1.25 kg tubs – $5.99 each.
  7. FROZEN FOODS – We eat a whole LOT of frozen veggies, so this one really caught my eye. PC frozen vegetables in the 400-750 gram bags. When you load the offer on your app it’s only $1.99 each! (Non-member price is a whopping $3.99, so make sure to load the offer.)
  8. GLUTEN FREE – I really like Rizopia gluten free rice pasta – this is a great offer at only $2.79 each for the 340-454 gram bags of pasta. It shows a brown rice pasta package, so definitely stock up on this deal! Especially if you eat gluten free like I have to.
  9. GROCERY – KFI cooking sauces like Tikka masala sauce, or butter chicken – 375 or 395 ml jars – $3.49 each with a limit of 4. Over limit price $4.69 each.
  10. GROCERY – Hunt’s tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce (Thick & Rich brand) – 369-680 ml cans – $1.49 with a limit of 4; $2.19 over limit price.
  11. GROCERY/PANTRY – No Name white vinegar is ALWAYS an excellent deal at only $2.27 for a big 4 liter bottle.
  12. GROCERY – This is a pantry staple! Quality Priya basmati rice in the 3.63 kg bags – $7.99 each with a limit of 4 or over limit price of $10.99 each. (Traditional wooden rice paddle/scoop makes rice easy to serve up. We still have our original plastic rice paddle that we got with a rice cooker YEARS ago, but man this one looks lovely.)
  13. GROCERY – Red Bull drinks in the 4 x 250 ml cans case are on for $8.99 each with a limit of 6. But, you also get 4,000 points back, so this end price is more like $4.99. Seemed like a good value to me.
  14. GROCERY – TETLEY TEA MEGA SALE!!! Tetley orange pekoe tea in the large 218 teabag size box for only $8.99 with a limit of 2. Over limit price is $13.49 each. AT the sale price, that is only about 4 cents per cup of tea! Nice one…
  15. HEALTH & BEAUTY – Ensure meal replacement drinks, in a package of 6 individual bottles. $10.00 each package if you buy 2; otherwise $10.99 each.
  16. HEALTH & BEAUTY – At $3.99 for a package of 10 Ivory soap bars, this is the best price I’ve seen in a while. Sheesh, I totally remember when the sale would be only $1.99 for 10, but that’s quite a few years ago now…Hello, inflation.
  17. HOME PRODUCTS – Life at Home ribbed bath towels are on this week BUY 1 GET 1 FREE.
  18. PETS – Pedigree dry dog food, 7 or 8 kg bags – $19.99 with a limit of 4; over limit price is $22.99 each. (Pedigree dentastix treats are also very popular, as they’re proven to clean your pet’s teeth almost like a mini toothbrush.)
  19. PETS – Whiskas brand dry cat food, selected varieties in the 1.5/2 kg bags of cat food – $8.99 each or over limit price (limit of 4) of $10.49 each. (Did you know we have a cat blog? Only the coolest people love cats, as far as I can tell. 😉 )
  20. PRODUCE – 3 lbs bag of onions – $1.97. Way cheaper than other stores, as far as I’ve seen.
  21. PRODUCE – Grape tomatoes – Large 907 gram (2 lb) clamshell packages are $6.00
  22. PRODUCE – Limes $0.69 each
  23. SEAFOOD – Seaquest raw or cooked peeled shrimp – 300 gram bags – $6.99 each with a limit of 4 (Over limit price is $8.99 each.)
  24. SNACKS – PC Kettle cooked potato chips, the 200 gram bags – only $1.99 for non-members or $1.50 each for PC Optimum members. You’ll need to download this offer on your app to get the $1.50 price.
  25. SNACKS – Another PC Optimum deal here: For every purchase of 1 Coca Cola mini bottles (8s), 1 Dr. Oetker Ristorante or Casa di Mama pizza and any 1 Crispers or Ritz crackers – Get 5000 points.

Other Notable PC Optimum offers this week

  • ESSO OR MOBIL – When you spend $20 or more on fuel get 2000 points. Offer only in effect January 26 to 29, 2023. Load this offer on your app to get it and use it. And save some money on gas!
  • GIFT CARDS – For every $100 spent on any combination of Apple, The Keg, Google Play, Ultimate Dining card, Playstation, and Boston Pizza gift cards get 15,000 points. Cool deal, as you’re basically paying $85 for a $100 gift card.
  • JOE FRESH APPAREL – Load to get this offer too! When you spend $50 or more on Joe Fresh clothes for yourself or the family, get 10,000 points.
  • OPTICAL DEPARTMENT – For every $150 spent in the optical department get 40,000 points back!

Superstore flyer/deals this week – Conclusion

That’s it, folks! We did things a little differently this week, and hope it helped you find the best deals at Superstore for the week ahead.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we could earn a small commission on sales made, at no extra cost to you. We really appreciate your support.