Best Deals at Save On Foods this week – Grocery sales until March 1, 2023 (AND Win-Win contest is back!)

Hello, fellow Save On lovers! We actually had to have our Save On grocery order delivered to us this week, something we’ve only had to do a few times in the past. (It was due to not feeling well, and not wanting to spread our germs around to anyone else.)

Did you know that by using promo code RD2500 you can get free delivery in the Calgary area? Check on the Save On app to make sure that your groceries can be delivered where you live. But, we thought it was an excellent way to use 2500 More Rewards points. And that code can be used anytime during the week – through the week, or even on the weekend.

Save On Foods – Win-Win contest on until March 8, 2023

This is one of the few contests I really love! So far we’ve won a free Western Family milk chocolate bar, a free family bag size of Lay’s chips, and lots of points and extra entries into some of their bigger prizes. The prizes I would love to win are: 1 million points OR free groceries for a year!

For every $50 you spend on groceries (you must use your More Rewards card too) you’ll get a prize! It’s a great contest, so if you love Save On, make sure to open up those prizes and see what you’ve won.

Save On Foods Win-Win Contest: Bonus code

And here is a bonus spin code for the Win-Win contest this week! Hope you win something awesome. SAVEON23 is the code.

Save On Foods – Best grocery deals this week

  • Strawberries are only $3.49 this week. An awesome deal! And they were some of the yummiest I’ve eaten in a long time.
  • A 3 lb bag of onions are only $1.69. And they looked awesome too. We didn’t need onions, but at that price I was absolutely going to get a bag.
  • Outside round oven roast is on for $4.95/lb or $10.91/kg. Aged a minimum of 14 days for best flavour.
  • Western Family bacon, selected types is on for $3.95 for the 375 gram package. Usually $6.49 in our store.
  • Regular ground beef & pork blend is on for $3.99 a lb this week.
  • Oikos yogurt in the little 4-pack is on for $3.49. That’s the thick, lovely Greek yogurt.
  • Delissio frozen pizzas are $3.49 each.
  • Western Family canned vegetables are $0.99 a can.
  • Navel oranges are $1.49/lb, and again – they were really delicious. A good deal on citrus.
  • Western Family spring rolls are only $7.99 as a ‘My Offer’ this week – you’ll have to download that coupon on your app for that low price. Otherwise the sale price is $9.99. 700 gram box.
  • Babybel cheese in the little 6 pack are on for $3.49 on ‘My Offers’ this week. A great deal! Again, you’ll need to download that coupon in the Save On app.
  • Get a free pizza dough ball when you buy one Fantino & Mondello dry cured pepperoni, 250 grams. You’ll find that in the deli area and it’s $6.99 this week. Yum, pizza!!

Save on Deals this Week: Conclusion

Hope this helps you with your grocery shopping this week, everyone. Looking for more Save On posts? They are all right here. Happy shopping! 🙂

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