Best Produce Deals in Calgary and Edmonton – Cheapest Strawberries this Week in Alberta (Fruit sales)

Good morning! Hope you have your lovely cup of coffee ready at your side (as I do, and homemade gluten free blueberry muffins to boot.) So, that means I’m all set to go search out some best deals, sales and bargains for you guys to help you save money. What better way could there possibly be to start a Monday morning off right?

Today, I’m on the hunt for the best priced strawberries in Calgary and Edmonton. Produce prices can really affect our overall grocery bill, so let’s take a peek at how you can snag the best price on berries this week in Alberta.

Walmart Strawberries on Sale this Week

1 pound of regular strawberries this week at Walmart will cost you $2.97. Price is in effect until Thursday, September 2, 2021.

No Frills Strawberries on Sale this Week

No Frills has organic strawberries on sale this week – a 1 lb clamshell of berries will cost you $3.88 until Thursday, September 2.

Strawberries on Sale this Week in Calgary and Edmonton – Conclusion

Not too many prices to compare on berries this week, you guys! So, for regular berries Walmart wins at $2.97. Organic berries are less than $1 more than that at No Frills at $3.88. So whether you eat organic foods or not, you’ll find a pretty good deal on strawberries this week.

P.S. This OXO strawberry huller makes it super easy to remove only the green bit at the top, saving all the precious fruit to actually eat. Nice gift for someone who loves fresh strawberries.

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No Frills Flyer and Best Deals this Week (Western Canada) – Cheapest groceries

Hello again! This time we’re checking out the best deals for Western Canada in No Frills’ latest grocery flyer. Need Ontario’s flyer instead? We just listed that one too, over here. For now, let’s take a look at the very best deals No Frills has in their flyer this week. No frills continues to be one of the very best places to get the cheapest groceries in Canada, so these flyers help to stretch your grocery budget further. Let’s go! All prices and sales are in effect July 16 to 22, 2021 unless otherwise noted.

Best No Frills Deals this Week on BAKERY AND BREAD

  • Country Harvest bread, regular size loaves 2 for $4.00 (If buying less than 2 it’s $2.47 each)
  • Old Mill hamburger or hot dog buns – 12 buns – $2.00 each

Best No Frills Deals this Week on DAIRY AND MILK

  • Becel margarine, small size tubs $2.87 plus 500 PC Optimum points
  • No Name sour cream, 500 ml tubs $1.97
  • Philadelphia cream cheese (small size packs) OR Cheez Whiz, 450 grams $2.97 plus 500 points
  • Yoplait Source yogurt, package of 16 OR Liberte Greek OR Mediteranee (900 gram tubs) $4.97 plus 1000 points

Best No Frills Deals this Week on FROZEN FOODS

  • Breyer’s Creamery style ice cream OR Klondike bars, including their new Klondike ‘Donuts’ with cool fillings like Boston Cream (Wow! How incredible does THAT sound?!?) $2.97 each
  • Janes breaded chicken OR Sufra Halal OR PC Plant based breaded chicken (Meat-free) – selected varieties and sizes $4.97 (Wow, a savings of up to $6.00!)
  • No Name frozen egg rolls, 1.25 kg box $8.97

Best No Frills Deals this Week on GROCERIES AND FOOD (Pantry items)

  • Bertolli olive oil 750ml or 1 liter sizes, selected varieties $7.97 plus 1000 points
  • Coca Cola or Canada dry soft drinks (soda/pop) – 24 cans for $8.47
  • Hereford canned corned beef $2.97
  • Kind bars, 12 pack $13.97
  • No Name jam or marmalade, 500 ml jars $2.00 each
  • No Name Ketchup (1 liter) OR Salad dressings (950 ml) $2.00 each
  • No Name Peanut butter, 1 kg jars $2.47 each (Super deal! Lowest price peanut butter this week.)
  • Red Rose Tea, large 216 bags size $7.97 plus 2000 points
  • Starbucks coffee pods (compatible with Nespresso makers), 53-57 gram packages OR small packs of Starbucks roast coffee $7.97 each with 2000 points back

Best No Frills Deals this Week on HEALTH AND BEAUTY products

  • Crest toothpaste (original), 50 or 100 ml tubes OR Oral B manual toothbrush OR Essential floss (50 meters) $1.00 each
  • Irish Spring bar soap (6 x 90 gram bars) OR Body wash (532 ml) OR Soft Soap body wash (591 ml) $2.97 each

Best No Frills Deals this Week on MEAT

  • Chicken drumsticks or thighs, fresh $2.97/lb (Club size packs)
  • Marc Angelo sausages (675 grams) OR Beyond Meat Italian sausages (meat-free/plant based) $7.97 each
  • Pork chops (called pork combo chops, bone in) $1.97/lb (Save $2.50/lb this week)
  • Ziggy’s sliced deli meats, various sizes and types $5.00 each

Best No Frills Deals this Week on PRODUCE

  • Blueberries, grown locally in Western Canadian provinces – Full pint size – $1.97 each
  • Carrots, fresh bunch with greens $1.47 each
  • Cauliflower $2.97
  • Cherries (hooray!!) $2.47/lb
  • Cilantro $0.77 each
  • Kiwi $0.67 each
  • Lettuce, PC Boston Living $1.97 (Grown in Western provinces)
  • Onions, 3 lb bag $1.97
  • Potatoes, 10 lb bag $3.97
  • Red mangoes $0.97 each (product of Mexico)
  • Tomatoes on the Vine (grown in Western provinces) $0.97/lb
  • Watermelon, whole seedless (11 lb average size) $4.97


pc optimun card to highlight this week deals
Get more PC Optimum points at No Frills this week
  • Produce Offer: This offer is in effect from July 16 to August 12, 2021. When you buy any of these 4 items, get 4000 points: Package of 5 or 6 avocadoes, Fresh head of broccoli, Bag of 3lbs mandarin oranges, or a package of 4 sweet peppers.
  • Campbell’s ready to eat soup OR Habitant ready to eat soup – Get 4000 points back for every $10 spent on these soups
  • Coppertone sun care products, like sunscreen or sunblock – Get 3000 points back for every $15 spent

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No Frills Best Flyer Deals this Week – Ontario – Cheapest groceries and food

No Frills is an awesome grocery store to choose if you want to save some serious cash on your groceries here in Canada. These are the very best deals and loss leaders this week at NO FRILLS in the Ontario region(Looking for WESTERN CANADA’S FLYER?( No worries, we just posted those deals too.) Flyer prices are in effect July 15 to July 21, 2021 – so the sale prices start today! And remember – you can also collect PC Optimum points at No Frills. Yes!!

No Frills Best Prices on BAKERY AND BREAD this Week

  • Country Harvest bread OR D’Italiano OR Wonder Ballpark buns (hamburger or hot dog) $2.47 each
  • Old Mill hot dog or hamburger buns – 8 buns in each pack – 2 for $2.00

No Frills Best Prices on CLEANING AND HOUSEHOLD products this Week

  • Mr. Clean liquid (1.35 liter) OR Clean Freak refill (473 ml) OR Febreze air care/air fresheners OR Dawn liquid dish soap (828 ml size) OR Magic Erasers (in the 2 package size OR 8 sheets) $2.97 each AND 500 points
  • Persil laundry detergent (2.2 liters) OR Persil laundry detergent discs (40’s) $8.97

No Frills Best Prices on BEVERAGES AND DRINKS this Week

  • Allen’s fruit cocktail drinks – 21×200 ml boxes – $2.87
  • Coca Cola or Canada Dry soft drinks – 24 cans for $8.47 (Also the same price for a pack of 20 Nestea iced tea)
  • Pepsi beverages – 24 cans for $8.77
  • Red Rose tea, 216 bags $7.97 plus 2000 points
  • Starbucks coffee pods (Nespresso compatible) 53 to 57 gram package size $7.97 plus 2000 points

No Frills Best Prices on DAIRY AND MILK this Week

  • Becel margarine (small size) $2.87 plus 500 POINTS
  • Iogo yogurt, package of 16 $4.97 plus 500 points
  • Neilson TruTaste 1%, 2%, skim milk or chocolate milk (4 liter size) OR Lactose free milk in the 2 liter size $3.97 each
  • No Name sour cream, 500 ml $1.57
  • Philadelphia cream cheese (regular packs) OR 450 gram jars of Cheez Whiz $2.97 plus 500 points
  • Yoplait Simply 3 yogurt, Liberte Mediteranee yogurt OR Skyr yogurt (500 grams) $2.97 plus 500 points
  • Yoplait Source or Yoplait Creamy (package of 16 mini tubs) OR Mediteranee yogurt (900 grams) $4.97 plus 1000 points

No Frills Best Prices on FROZEN FOOD this Week

  • Breyer’s creamery style ice cream OR frozen dessert OR Klondike bars in the 4 or 6 bar package sizes $2.88 each
  • Stouffer’s or Lean Cuisine frozen meals $2.00 each
  • Stouffer’s Bowl Fulls frozen meals OR Fit Bowls frozen meals $3.97 each plus 500 points

No Frills Best Prices on GROCERIES this Week (Pantry items)

  • Bertolli olive oil in 750 ml or 1 liter sizes (selected types) $7.97 plus 1000 points
  • Cadbury family size chocolate bars (like Dairy Milk, my favourite!!) OR Sweet Sixteen bags of candy (185 grams) $2.00 each
  • General Mills family size cereals (like Honey Nut Cheerios, Cheerios or Cinnamon Toast Crunch) $4.97 plus 1000 points
  • Hereford canned corned beef – 340 grams – $2.97
  • Kraft peanut butter (750 grams or 1 kg size) OR Kraft hazelnut spread (their version of Nutella) in the 725 gram size $3.77
  • Quaker oats (900 grams or 1 kg) OR Steel cut oats (709 grams) $2.47
  • Swift ham, canned 454 grams $3.97 plus 250 points

No Frills Best Prices on Health and Beauty this Week

  • Crest toothpaste OR Oral B manual toothbrush OR Essential floss (50 meters) $1.00 each
  • Vaseline lotion OR Vaseline cream (227 grams or 600 ml sizes) $6.97 each AND 2000 points

No Frills Best Prices on MEAT this Week

  • Bone-in skinless chicken breasts (Save $2.20/lb this week) $2.88/lb for the Club Size packs (Please note that these are bone-in, not boneless chicken breasts.)
  • Chicken, extra lean ground – $3.97/lb
  • PC Pub Recipe, Plant Based or Free From breaded chicken (differing package sizes) $5.97
  • Piller’s sliced deli meats (150-200 grams) $4.00
  • Pork, lean ground $3.97/lb
  • Schneider’s frozen chicken wings – Save up to $7.00 – 615 gram boxes – $5.97
  • Schneider’s Red Hots OR Maple Leaf Top Dog hot dogs – 375 grams – $2.50 each

No Frills Best Prices on PRODUCE This Week

  • Apples, McIntosh – 4 lb bag $3.97
  • Blueberries, full pint size $2.47
  • Cantaloupe $2.97
  • Cauliflower $2.97
  • Cherries, $3.47/lb
  • Cucumbers, English $0.97 each
  • Kale $1.47
  • Lemons 2 for $1.00
  • Lettuce – Local, fresh lettuce (grown by Bayshore Vegetable shippers) – Romaine, red leaf lettuce, or green leaf lettuce $1.67 each
  • Oranges, navel $0.97/lb
  • Potatoes, 10 lb bag Farmer’s Market Russet potatoes $2.97 each
  • Strawberries – 1 lb clamshell packs – $1.67 each


pc optimun card to highlight this week deals
Finding the best PC Optimum deals and offers this week! All at No Frills Ontario
  • PRODUCE OFFER: From July 15 to August 11, 2021 – Get 4000 points when you buy any of the following items: package of 6 avocadoes, fresh head of broccoli, 1.5 lb Farmer’s Market clementines (mandarins), Package of 4 sweet peppers.
  • GAS OFFER THIS WEEK AT ESSO OR MOBIL – Earn double points on gas this weekend
  • Campbell’s ready to eat or Habitant soups – For every $10 spent get 4000 points back (For this week only.)
  • Coppertone suncare products, such as sunblock or sunscreen – For every $15 spent get 3000 points

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