Cheapest strawberries in Calgary this week – Best sales on berries

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits according to many online grocery searches. Huh, who knew? Okay, I did, as I absolutely love fresh strawberries. So, see where you can get your strawberries for the best deal this week in Calgary, Alberta. Add a bit of whipped cream, or serve them over ice cream and suddenly your berries are a special treat.

Strawberries on sale this week in Calgary

  • $3.97/lb at FreshCo for 1 lb of strawberries (There are now a few locations of FreshCo in Calgary – Brentwood, Saddletowne and Evanston; hopefully more will be coming as their prices are great!)
  • $4.97/lb at Walmart or for 1 lb of strawberries
  • $4.99/lb for ORGANIC Strawberries (1 lb clamshells) at No Frills
  • $5.99/lb at Save On Foods this week (1 lb of berries)

So, the best deal of the week on strawberries in Calgary is at FreshCo! And organic berries are a pretty decent deal at just a penny under five bucks at No Frills. 🙂

P.S. It’s a great time of year to get fresh blueberries on sale, in case you want to change up your berry game. We just got a 2-lb clamshell pack of blueberries from Safeway for $4.99 and I noticed in the flyer that No Frills has the exact same deal going on.

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