Customer Service Sephora – Customer service emails, phone numbers and online chat

Sephora is a luxury beauty brand that carries a wide range of products: makeup (cosmetics), skincare products, fragrance and so much more. Most Sephora customers are true fans of the brand’s amazing range of makeup and cosmetics. But, once in a while those same beauty fans need a few questions answered. So, if you’re a Sephora customer and you need a little help with an order, or you have a concern you need to reach out to Sephora about, then we have the customer service info you need!

Sephora Customer Service phone number (US and Canada)

No matter if you live in Canada OR the US you can use one simple and super easy to remember phone number to contact Sephora. Call 1-877-SEPHORA (1-877-737-4672). Their hours of operation for the phone line are Monday to Friday, 5 am to 9 pm Pacific Time. Their phone line is staffed Saturday and Sunday 6 am to 9 pm Pacific Time.

Sephora Customer Service email – contacting Sephora by Email

Rather than finding an actual email address, we found a helpful link on the Sephora website that you fill in to send an email to the company. Go to their email page to contact Sephora by email.

Sephora Online Chat – Instant Chat with Sephora customer service

Or, if you prefer to chat online with customer service – I have done this with success many times! – then you’ll love that Sephora also has this option. Visit their customer service page to access the Online Chat feature – you simply click on the little speech bubble. Please note that it will say if someone is available to chat or not, so you may have to wait a little while until it is available again. Sephora’s online chat feature is available from 3 am to 9 pm Pacific Time. (Wow!) Please also note that Beauty Advisors are available to chat with online, if your question pertains to Sephora’s products. (Wow, starting at 3 am! That is impressive.)

How to Contact Sephora – Conclusion

There we have it folks! Three different ways to contact Sephora – whether for questions or concerns about an order, or about the wide range of awesome products they sell. Whichever way you prefer to contact them, they’ll be able to provide you the help you need. Happy shopping!

We are not affiliated with Sephora, but we do try to provide you with some helpful customer service contact information. Hope it helps!