Purina One Smartblend dog food – How to get coupons AND the best prices (Save money on dog food)

Purina One Smartblend remains one of Amazon’s best selling dog foods – and the highest ranked! With over 2000 reviews and a 4.6 rating, this one is highly ranked because it is so nutritious for your dog. Meets or exceeds AAFCO standards.

Flavours include:

How can I save money on my dog’s Purina One Smartblends food? How to ask Purina for coupons

As of today’s writing, a large bag of this dog food (14 kg bag size) costs around $47, or about $3.39 per kilogram. How can you save money on your dog’s favourite food?

It is always worthwhile to contact Purina directly for coupons. How do you do that? Go to Purina’s customer service page and send them an email, or you can phone them if you’re into that. (Haha, how can you tell I’m not?) Let them know exactly what type of dog food your pet loves the most, and commend them for that product. Hey, we pet owners really DO appreciate it when companies create products that our pets adore.

(As a total side point – we have listings of quite a few different ways to contact your favorite company’s customer service departments. It’s a great way to reach out to your favorites, and even possibly receive a freebie or two!)

You may also be given the option to join Purina’s newsletter – another way to keep in touch with Purina AND get money saving coupons. You’ll also be the first to find out about new products that your pup might love.

How to save on Purina One Smartblends dog food ON AMAZON

Right, but if you like shopping Amazon.ca like I do, then the best way is to add the product to your cart. You’ll be advised when the price goes down. OR, just check the price often to see when it is reduced. It is crazy how often the price goes down – and then you should snatch up a bag or two!

OR…Subscribe & Save is a good option for products you use all the time, such as dog food. Simply go to the Purina One dog food page, and then choose either the 5% or 10% off option under Subscribe & Save. The more items you have a subscription to, the more you’ll save.

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