Heinz Baked Beans on Sale at Amazon – Only $1.27 a can (Grocery deals Amazon; deals of the day)

This may not be a very glamorous post, but if like me you’re wanting to re-stock your pantry with some basics (like canned baked beans), then this might be an important post after all! Cans of Heinz baked beans are an excellent pantry standard – they’re a good source of protein and they taste delicious, too. The maple Heinz baked beans are on for an excellent deal right now – I’d call this a stock-up price, bargaineers.

As always with Amazon pricing – prices are current at time of writing, but can change at any time.

Heinz Maple Style Beans, 398mL
Only $1.27 a can

This is an Add-On product at Amazon. Add-on items are low-cost items that are available to purchase with a total of $25.00 of products purchased at the same time. This way we can purchase small items that wouldn’t normally be available with free shipping! When I’m placing an Amazon order anyway, I always add on (ha! That was totally unintentional) a few of these items to top up the pantry. It certainly never hurts to have a few extra cans of food around nowadays.

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