No Frills flyer – New flyer out now AND best deals on produce, meat and groceries – Plus best PC Optimum points offers (West flyer)

Hey money savers! It’s time for a new No Frills flyer this week. These prices and PC Optimum points offers are all in effect March 3 to March 9, 2022 unless otherwise noted. We want to share with you all the best that No Frills has in store for you this week, so you can save more money AND get more points. Onward…

No Frills Flyer – Best deals on FROZEN FOODS

  • High Liner pan sear fish OR signature fish OR shrimp – selected varieties and sizes (425 to 600 grams) $7.00
  • No Name ‘Naturally Imperfect’ frozen fruit – large 2 kg bags $11.00
  • No Name frozen novelties (like vanilla bars or ice cream sandwiches) 24 or 30 in a pack $7.99
  • PC frozen vegetables (Premium) 1.75 kg for $7.00
  • Pogo corndogs club pack (20 in a pack) $9.99

No Frills Flyer – Best deals on PRODUCE (fruits and veggies)

PC Optimum points offer on produce: Get 4000 bonus points when you buy ANY 4 of the following: package of 3 Romaine hearts lettuce (Andy Boy is the brand); 3 lb bag Farmer’s Market ambrosia apples (yum, my fave!); package of 4 green or red peppers (prime time brand) and/or a fresh whole pineapple.

  • Asparagus OR broccoli crowns – $1.99/lb
  • Baby Carrots – 2 lb bag ORGANIC $3.99
  • Cilantro $089 each (great deal on this!)
  • English cucumbers $1.69
  • Grape tomatoes, Farmer’s market brand – $1.99 each for a 283 gram clamshell pack
  • Lemons $0.89 each
  • Potatoes, 10 lb bag russets $4.99
  • Strawberries $3.99 for 1 lb clamshells

No Frills Flyer – Best deals on MEATS and DELI this week

  • Ground beef, lean $3.49/lb (Club size)
  • Maple Leaf Prime assorted chicken $11.00 per pack – sizes up to 1.6 kg
  • PC Free From pork combo chops $3.99
  • PC Free From Angus beef meatballs – 850 grams – $12.99
  • Ziggy’s deli meat, sliced $6.00 for a 250-600 g pack

No Frills Flyer – Best PC Optimum points offers this week

Sometimes there are multiple offers, but this week’s flyer had only one!

  • Get 4000 points when you buy 4 selected produce items (please see above, under the category of produce for more details.)