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Superstore flyer – Best PC Optimum points hauls this week (Get lots of points!)

Hey everyone…we’re searching through the latest Superstore flyer to find out the best ways to maximize your points haul this week! Get out your PC Optimum card OR the app before you go shopping, and plan to haul big points. All offers in effect March 3 to 9, 2022 unless otherwise noted.

PC Optimum bonus points on Catelli pasta or NO Yolks pasta

Get 3000 bonus points for every $10 spent on Catelli pasta or No Yolks pasta.

PC Optimum bonus points on Hello Bello diapers and baby products

Wow, this is an awesome one! For every $40 spent on Hello Bello baby products, get 15,000 PC Optimum points. That is like getting $15 of free stuff back for every $40 you spend. Awesome deal – parents, this might be the right time to stock up on Hello Bello.

PC Optimum points on a Canon Pixma printer

Get 5000 points back when you buy a Canon Pixma TR7620 printer at Superstore this week. (Link on Amazon for more details about the product.)

PC Optimum points on Glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses – in Optical department (Huge points!)

Get 40,000 points back for every $150 you spend this week in Optical – that is like $40 back, an incredible deal. This offer is in effect March 3-16, 2022.

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