No Frills Flyer Toronto (Ontario region) – Cheapest groceries – Best deals and sales this week

Hello again! We’re sharing the best deals and loss leaders from No Frills in the Ontario region today, particularly the GTA. Have you ever wondered what a loss leader even is? A loss leader is a great sale on an item at a grocery store. The manager of the store realizes that they might lose money on that item, but hope they make it up by you coming to shop at their store and spend money on other items!

So, loss leaders are the very best deals to stock up on. Let’s take a look at what No Frills – one of the lowest cost grocery stores in Canada – has in store for us this week. Oh, and there are some great PC Optimum points offers this week as well. Yes!

Sales are in effect from August 12 to August 18, 2021. No Frills flyers run from Thursday to the following Wednesday every week.

Best Deals at No Frills this Week – BAKERY AND BREAD

  • Wonder bread (regular size) OR packs of 8 buns 2/$4.00 or $2.27 each if buying less than 2

Best Deals at No Frills this Week – DAIRY PRODUCTS (MILK, CHEESE, ETC.)

  • Astro original or Beatrice yogurt, 12 mini packs per container $3.00 each (great deal!)
  • Neilson chocolate milk (750 ml) OR Nestle shakes (473 ml) OR Nestle chocolate milk 2 go (310 ml) $1 (another great deal on dairy!)
  • Philadelphia cream cheese, regular size packs $2.97 each

Best Deals at No Frills this Week – FOOD AND GROCERIES

  • Breton crackers, Bear Paws cookies, Vinta crackers or Bold ‘n Baked crackers $2.00 each for regular sized bags/boxes
  • Coca Cola, Canada Dry or Nestea iced tea – the big packs of 24 cans (or 20 cans of the iced tea) $8.47 each
  • Kraft peanut butter, 750 grams or 1 kg jars $3.77 each (STOCK UP PRICE)
  • LeClerc Go Pure bars $2.00 each
  • Nabob coffee OR pods (regular sized packs) OR Maxwell House coffee pods $5.97
  • Nestle chocolate – any types and sizes, including the large multi-bar packs of minis or regular sized bars – For every $15 spent get 5000 points

Best Deals at No Frills this Week – FROZEN FOODS

  • Ben and Jerry’s OR Magnum ice cream bars – PC OPTIMUM EVENT – For every $10 spent get 4000 points back. Nice way to earn some points this week, isn’t it? 😉
  • Burnbrae egg bites/mini quiches in the bag (10-12 in each bag) $4.97 each (save $1.50 this week)
  • Klondike bars OR Breyer’s ice cream $3.97 plus 1000 PC Optimum points
  • PC, Free From or Plant-based frozen breaded chicken (variety of sizes of boxes) $5.97 each

Best Deals at No Frills This Week – HEALTH AND BEAUTY PRODUCTS

  • Axe body wash, deodorant, antiperspirant or shampoo OR Vaseline body lotion OR St. Ive’s body wash – For every $10 spent get 4000 points
  • Life brand pads, liners, shaving gel or cream $2.00 each (all regular sized)

Best Deals at No Frills This Week – CLEANING AND HOUSEHOLD ITEMS

  • Clean Freak or Mr. Clean (regular sized) $4.97 each AND get 1000 points

Best deals at No Frills this Week – MEAT AND DELI

  • Pork Combo chops, bone in – Save $2.90/lb this week $1.97/lb

Best deals at No Frills this Week – PRODUCE SALES (Fruit and Vegetables)

BONUS PC OPTIMUM POINTS: Get 4000 points when you buy a combination of any 4 of: 283 gram clamshell packs of Farmer’s Market grape tomatoes, Fresh whole cantaloupe, Fresh whole cauliflower and/or pack of 3 romaine hearts (lettuce)

  • Broccoli, fresh head of $1.47
  • Carrots, mini – Farmer’s Market brand – 1 lb bag – $0.97
  • Carrots, Nantes variety – 3 L basket – $2.97
  • Corn, fresh corn on the cob, product of Ontario – 5 for $2.00
  • Onions, 3 lb bag $1.97
  • Tomatoes, 3 liter basket (great for canning) $3.97
  • Watermelon, whole and seedless (11 lb average weight) $3.97
  • White potatoes, Farmer’s Market brand – 10 lb bag $1.97 (Awesome deal!!)

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