Pur Popcorn – New product – 50% off a pack of 6 large bags of popcorn

Pur brand has a new product they’re introducing – Pur popcorn. (I’m rather a fan of Pur gum. Read all about my love of this xylitol gum here.) If you’re craving some delicious popcorn, then Pur popcorn should really do the trick. They have two varieties in this sale pack – Sea Salt and Sweet & Salty. The Sweet and Salty does contain natural cane sugar, in case you were wondering (as I was) if it contained xylitol.

You get 6 large bags of Pur popcorn in this deal package for only $15. 3 each of the two different flavours. Yum! That comes out to only $2.50 a bag. (Regular price is $5.00 a bag.) This is a savings of 50% and a pretty fun snack to have heading into the warm weather of summer.

$15 for 6 bags of Pur popcorn on Wagjag deal

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