Coupon Codes – December 2020 Clearly Codes

As I’ve mentioned before, I totally embrace wearing glasses. Rather than being burdensome, I find glasses to be a part of my look. And if they happen to make me look a wee bit clever? No harm done!

But, glasses can also be very expensive. And especially at this time we’re all looking to stretch each dollar and nickel farther than we ever have before. So, we want to share with you some discount/coupon/promo codes that can help you save some money the next time you have to order glasses. These coupon codes also work on other products that Clearly sells – such as contact lenses, and sunglasses.

Here are all of the promo codes that are currently available:

There you go, guys! Hopefully some of these promo codes will help you save a little money on your next purchase of glasses or contacts. Have a tip you’d like to share about Please let us know how you save shopping there!

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Mr. Big and Tall Sales – Men’s clothing sales in Canada – Up to 50% off

Mr. Big and Tall is the place to shop in Canada if you’re a big guy. Plus, they have a lot of sales and clearance items we need to tell you about. So, if you’re in the market for some new clothing, then you’ll find it here – and on sale too!

  • Britches Boxer shorts – wide variety of plaid prints – 100% cotton. Available in all sizes from Large to 6 XL sized boxers. Was $25.00 now $17.50 each.
  • Columbia brand full zip fleece – light jacket – Stay warm and stay stylish! Machine washable with zippered hand pockets, which is handy for holding a phone or other necessity when you’re out and about. Colours available: Black and navy. Was $85.00 now $59.50. Available in XL, 2X, 3X, 4X, 5X and 6X.)
  • Daniel Hechter Paris modern fit Stretch knit plaid sport coat – Cool, subtle plaid pattern on this charcoal coloured sports coat. Slick! And ideal for those occasions you still need to dress up for Zoom meetings. Dry clean only. Was $375.00; now $225.00. Available in sizes XL to 4 XT (extra large and extra tall.)
  • Guinness branded t-shirt; still available in sizes up to 6 XL. Charcoal/grey colour with a cool Guinness logo on it. Was $50 – now $35.00.
  • Jack and Jones brand pullover hoodie – Comes in burgundy. Machine washable. Was $110.00; now $77.00 – still available in all sizes from XL to 6XL (and includes all the extra tall sizes too!) Pretty snazzy hoodie, if you ask me.
  • Snoopy (Peanuts) Logo ‘Chill’ t-shirt – Available in red, with a cute Snoopy logo. (Snoopy asleep on his doghouse, to be exact.) Machine washable. Sizes available: XL, 2X, 3 XT, 4 XT and 5 XT. Was $50.00 – now $35.00.

This post contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission on any sales made through those links at no extra cost to you. Promo codes for September 2020 – Save on glasses and contacts in Canada

Ahhh, glasses. I happen to love wearing glasses, as I consider them a part of my identity. And hey, they help me see, which is no small benefit. There are those of us who love glasses, and those of us who just hate them. But, no matter which camp you happen to reside in – if you need to wear glasses, you want to save money on them! I believe that Clearly is the best option for great glasses in Canada, that are available at impressive prices all the time.

September promo code for

Save 40% off lenses at Clearly with code: LENSUP40

This promo code is only good for a couple more days, so when I saw it I wanted to pop it up and make it available to you immediately! Save mucho money on lenses at until September 30, 2020 by using this code. You’ll save 40% on lens upgrades such as protective UV coating and blue light coating, which protects your eyes while on blue light-emitting devices. (Such as the phone, tablet or laptop you’re likely reading this from right now.) also has free shipping on orders over $50.

So, choose some cute new glasses, and embrace the look of them! Plus, save a bit of money while you’re at it.

Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea – Sale on at Amazon with coupon

If you love a really good strong cup of tea, then Irish breakfast may be your new favourite tea that you just haven’t encountered yet. Today we have a deal on a 6-pack of Irish breakfast tea – which means you can stock up your everyday tea cupboard! Irish breakfast is the strong coffee of tea, which means this makes an excellent bold cup first thing in the morning. (Or anytime at all, of course, if you’re not sensitive to caffeine consumption later on in the day.)

This deal on right now at Amazon includes a $3.00 coupon – make sure you click that coupon before checking out!

6 pack Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea – on sale with coupon

Twinings of London Irish Breakfast Tea Bags, 20 Count (Pack of 6)
Current price $28.15-$3.00 coupon = $25.15 for 6 boxes. Or $4.19 a box

Stock up while the sale is on, and again – remember to click on the $3.00 off coupon box before you checkout. Have a lovely cuppa!

This post includes affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission on sales made via our links. This helps support our site. Thanks bargaineers. 🙂

Yves Rocher Mega Sale – 50% off EVERYTHING – Bath and Beauty, Gift Ideas – Half price sale

Yves Rocher has gorgeous products: bath items, beauty products, and tons and tons of beautiful gift ideas for your favourite person! And this sale is one I just had to feature, because I’ve never seen a better sale at Yves Rocher. 50% off everything site wide! This includes all facial beauty products, makeup, body care, bath products, perfumes and fragrance and bath products, too. Wow!

Sales 50% Off Sitewide at!

To whet your appetite, here’s just one of the half price products available right now:

Yves Rocher - The Anti-aging Beautifying Cream Day - Dry Skin - Face Care - Anti-Age Was $72 – now $36

Yves Rocher – The Anti-aging Beautifying Cream Day – Dry Skin – Face Care – Anti-�ge Global

This amazing deal of HALF PRICE SITE WIDE is on from June 16 to July 21, 2020.

BBQ Covers, Pool Covers and Fire Pit Covers on Sale – 20% off everything sitewide

CoversAndAll provides just about every type of cover for your outdoor living furniture, BBQs and pools. And right now, they’re having a sitewide 20% off sale. So, this is the time to get some covers for the goodies out in your backyard, and save yourself some money while you do it. They also carry truly customizable covers – so whatever it is you need to protect from the weather and the elements, they can create it.

P.S. Those personalized BBQ and grill covers they sell look so cool! You can customize the look of your BBQ cover with the logo of your favourite sports team – a great gift idea for a true hockey, football, baseball or basketball lover. (Or soccer. Sorry soccer, I nearly forgot about you!)