Coupon Codes – December 2020 Clearly Codes

As I’ve mentioned before, I totally embrace wearing glasses. Rather than being burdensome, I find glasses to be a part of my look. And if they happen to make me look a wee bit clever? No harm done!

But, glasses can also be very expensive. And especially at this time we’re all looking to stretch each dollar and nickel farther than we ever have before. So, we want to share with you some discount/coupon/promo codes that can help you save some money the next time you have to order glasses. These coupon codes also work on other products that Clearly sells – such as contact lenses, and sunglasses.

Here are all of the promo codes that are currently available:

There you go, guys! Hopefully some of these promo codes will help you save a little money on your next purchase of glasses or contacts. Have a tip you’d like to share about Please let us know how you save shopping there!

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Amazon Coupons this week – Save on blue light glasses, Homasy humidifiers, Folgers Kcups, Nutella and more!

We all know that Amazon Prime days are starting soon! So, if you’re a Prime member, you’ll want to check out all of those incredible deals. But, there are also lots of other Amazon deals going on, including Amazon coupons. Amazon coupons are basically a digital form of coupon – a way to save money on a product, by simply clicking the coupon before you check out of Amazon.

Here are our favourite Amazon coupons this week – on electronics, on home and garden products AND on always necessary food and groceries. Yay for food coupons in Canada!

Amazon coupons for Electronics

Amazon Coupon for Home and Garden items

Amazon Coupons on groceries and food

Amazon even has coupons running right now for groceries and food items. And I’m talking popular, stock-up items like peanut butter coupons, Nutella coupons, Carnation Instant breakfast coupons and more! Some of these are excellent items to keep well stocked in your pantry, particularly as COVID cases are on the rise, and some grocery items may become more difficult to get again. Stock up with coupons, folks!

Hopefully some of these coupons will help you save a few dollars when you do your Amazon shopping this week.

This post contains affiliate links. This means we may earn a small commission on any sales made through those links, without any extra cost to you.

Twinings English breakfast tea – On sale with $3.00 coupon on Amazon

Amazon has some awesome coupons right now for Twinings tea. We already discussed the Irish breakfast tea (some tea that’ll put a good bit of hair on your chest! Yes, it really is that strong…) and now we’re on to a classic favourite: English breakfast tea. Breakfast teas are always a bit stronger, as they give you a good kick of caffeine first thing in the morning! This one has a caffeine rating of 4/5 leaves, according to Twinings. (If you want something even stronger, than try the Irish breakfast tea. That one has a full 5/5 caffeine rating.)

When you check out, ensure that you’ve clicked the $3.00 off coupon that’s available on Twinings tea at Amazon. This offer is for a 6-box pack, so it’s perfect for re-stocking your tea cupboard. And yes, if you love tea an awful lot (like my hub!) then you have a tea cupboard.

Amazon $3.00 off offer on Twinings English breakfast tea

Twinings of London English Breakfast Tea Bags, 20 Count (Pack of 6)
$28.15 for 6 pack – $3.00 coupon = $25.15 or $4.19 a box

Sweet Tea Gifts

I found these cute tea gifts that I thought were worth a brief mention while you’re here perusing some tea bargains.

Whatever tea you choose, enjoy that cuppa, friends! There’s nothing more lovely than starting the day with a good cup of freshly brewed tea. Enjoy!

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