Strawberries on sale this week in Calgary, AB – Best fresh fruit deals and offers (August 8 to 15, 2022)

It’s another strawberry post, you guys! We all love fresh berries, and this week there are a lot of strawberry sales in Calgary. Yay! With some prices even below $3, it’s a great week to buy a pound or two of strawberries. It’s never a bad idea to buy some extra, and then prepare them and freeze them. They are the perfect ingredient for smoothies all year round.

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Strawberry sales this week in Calgary

We’ll rank them from the cheapest to the highest, cheapest gets top ranking, of course. 🙂 And we’ll also indicate in bold if they’re ORGANIC berries, for those of you who look to buy your organic strawberries on sale.

  • $2.88/lb – No Frills has them on for a great price this week, you guys! (Product of USA; No 1 grade)
  • $2.99/lb when you buy a 2 lb clamshell pack for $5.99 – at Sobeys and Safeway this week. Another great deal! (Product of USA or Mexico; No1 grade)
  • $4.47/lb at FreshCo this week, for a 1 lb clamshell pack; USA product and No 1. grade
  • $4.99/lb for ORGANIC STRAWBERRIES this week at Calgary Co-op. Under a fiver for a pound of organic berries is a great deal in my books!
  • $4.99/lb for a pack of 1 pound of berries at Save On this week; USA grown. No. 1 grade
  • $5.99 for 12 oz of PC Greenhouse strawberries – If you’re looking for grown in Canada berries, then this is a great choice. This one is available at Superstore this week. No. 1 grade.

So, the very best price on strawberries this week goes to…NO FRILLS! And if you happen to be shopping for organic strawberries, then the $4.99 price point at Calgary Co-op is awesome, too. Happy berry shopping and eating, everyone. Thanks for visiting. 🙂