Twinings English breakfast tea – On sale with $3.00 coupon on Amazon

Amazon has some awesome coupons right now for Twinings tea. We already discussed the Irish breakfast tea (some tea that’ll put a good bit of hair on your chest! Yes, it really is that strong…) and now we’re on to a classic favourite: English breakfast tea. Breakfast teas are always a bit stronger, as they give you a good kick of caffeine first thing in the morning! This one has a caffeine rating of 4/5 leaves, according to Twinings. (If you want something even stronger, than try the Irish breakfast tea. That one has a full 5/5 caffeine rating.)

When you check out, ensure that you’ve clicked the $3.00 off coupon that’s available on Twinings tea at Amazon. This offer is for a 6-box pack, so it’s perfect for re-stocking your tea cupboard. And yes, if you love tea an awful lot (like my hub!) then you have a tea cupboard.

Amazon $3.00 off offer on Twinings English breakfast tea

Twinings of London English Breakfast Tea Bags, 20 Count (Pack of 6)
$28.15 for 6 pack – $3.00 coupon = $25.15 or $4.19 a box

Sweet Tea Gifts

I found these cute tea gifts that I thought were worth a brief mention while you’re here perusing some tea bargains.

Whatever tea you choose, enjoy that cuppa, friends! There’s nothing more lovely than starting the day with a good cup of freshly brewed tea. Enjoy!

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