Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea – Sale on at Amazon with coupon

If you love a really good strong cup of tea, then Irish breakfast may be your new favourite tea that you just haven’t encountered yet. Today we have a deal on a 6-pack of Irish breakfast tea – which means you can stock up your everyday tea cupboard! Irish breakfast is the strong coffee of tea, which means this makes an excellent bold cup first thing in the morning. (Or anytime at all, of course, if you’re not sensitive to caffeine consumption later on in the day.)

This deal on right now at Amazon includes a $3.00 coupon – make sure you click that coupon before checking out!

6 pack Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea – on sale with coupon

Twinings of London Irish Breakfast Tea Bags, 20 Count (Pack of 6)
Current price $28.15-$3.00 coupon = $25.15 for 6 boxes. Or $4.19 a box

Stock up while the sale is on, and again – remember to click on the $3.00 off coupon box before you checkout. Have a lovely cuppa!

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