Best produce deals in Calgary, February 15-21, 2024

Buying fresh fruit and veggies has definitely gotten a lot more expensive! So, this list of the best deals on fruits and vegetables should help ease your spending a bit before you head out to the grocery stores. Let’s go!

Sobeys & Safeway

The $1.49 deals are available in limited quantities, but really good prices on those at either Safeway or Sobeys this week.

  • $3.99 for a 2 lb pack of Halos mandarin oranges (need a Scene+ card for that price; otherwise $4.99)
  • $3.99 for a 3 pack of peppers, 1 red, 1 orange and 1 yellow
  • $1.49 deal – 340 gram baby carrots
  • $1.49 deal – Compliments brand shredded coleslaw
  • $1.49 deal – Compliments brand bagged iceberg salad
  • $1.88/lb for sweet potatoes – best price I saw this week. We’re eating more sweet potatoes, so I was searching for that one! 😉
  • Onions or carrots – 2 lb bags $2.88 – Not a bad price


  • 4 pack green peppers $2.99
  • 3 lbs of red grapefruit $5
  • Cilantro $0.97

Calgary Co-op

I think I’ll drop by Co-op this week for a few of these deals. In particular the green onions, cucumbers and maybe those kiwis.

  • English cucumber $1.99
  • 1 pint blueberries $3.99
  • $1.99/lb for Bartlett pears
  • 1 lb bags of kiwi fruit for $4.99
  • Green onions or bunches of red radishes $0.99 – great price!
  • yellow onions – 2 lb bag for $2.99 AND you get 20% back on your app, so you’ll have an extra 60 cents or so to spend towards something else.
  • 2 lb baby carrots $3.99
  • 2 lbs organic lemons in a bag $5.99

No Frills

  • 18 oz clamshell fresh blueberries $4.44
  • Pineapple $3.99
  • Kale or spinach, fresh bunches $1.99 each
  • Sweet potatoes, grown in Canada $1.69/lb – nope, I was wrong! This is the best price on sweet potatoes this week in Calgary.
  • Kiwi fruit $0.79 each


  • 10 bag potatoes $2.97 – Great deal, at only $0.297/lb. Best deal on potatoes I’ve seen in a while. If you need a little inspiration for what to do with a potato to make it a meal, you can check out this article I wrote. (Technically it was talking about sweet potatoes, but regular potatoes will totally work too!)
  • 454 gram tubs of salad greens – $4 off this week – $3.97
  • Cantalouples $2.97 each

Save-On Foods

  • Cauliflower $2.99
  • Fresh raspberries, 170 gram clamshell packs $3.49
  • Onions $0.99/lb (Great for when you just need one or two)
  • Avocados, 4 pack for $4.49 but an even better deal if you download the My Offers coupon on the app – then it’s $3.99
  • Lemons $0.79 each if you buy at least 4


  • 1 lb strawberries $3.48 – way lower than anywhere else
  • Broccoli crowns $1.88/lb
  • 3 pack of romaine lettuce heads $3.97 (Andy Boy is the brand to look for)

I think that does it for this week everyone! Most new grocery flyers always run from the Thursday (so today, February 15) to the following Wednesday (so February 21, 2024.) I hope this helps you stock up a bit on healthy fruits and veggies without breaking the bank.

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