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PC Optimum Points offers at Real Canadian Superstore this Week

It is another week of finding ways to RACK UP huge amounts of PC Optimum points! We write about PC Optimum points an awful lot, because it is one of the best points programs in Canada. Remember that 10,000 points = $10 in free stuff at Superstore.

You can also view our other PC Optimum recent posts to see what other offers have been available lately. With that out of the way, let’s carry on to find the best offers THIS week. These offers are all in effect May 26 to June 1, 2022 unless otherwise noted.

PC Express – Delivery or Pick up offers from Superstore (promo code included) – 25,000 points

Get 25,000 points and ONE MONTH of free pickup or delivery on your first PC EXPRESS order of $100 or more. Use CODE: NEWPCX25

PC Optimum points on BABY PRODUCTS and DIAPERS

  • Huggies super big pack diapers OR club size pack Pull Ups or Goodnites training pants (overnight diapers) AND Huggies 10x pack of baby wipes = 4000 points

PC Optimum points on Joe Fresh clothing

  1. Get the PC Optimum mobile app
  2. Open it to get your 10,000 points offer
  3. Shop any Joe Fresh apparel and then scan your card at checkout to get your reward.
  4. In store and online shopping – they’ll both get you your bonus points!

PC Optimum points on FOOD and GROCERIES and BEVERAGES

  • Ben’s original, Bistro Express or Natural select rice4000 points for every $15 spent
  • BEVERAGES: Aha sparkling water, 12 can pack 500 points (Just wondering if drinking this water makes you suddenly start singing Take On Me…?)
  • Cadbury’s chocolate bars1600 points for every $8 spent. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to stock up on some of my favourite chocolate…
  • Heiwa calrose rice – 6.8 kg bag – $12.88 with limit of 4 AND 500 points
  • Kraft dinner – large pack of 12 boxes $12.88 each – and get 3000 bonus points

PC Optimum points on GARDENING and PLANTS this week

Yay! I am so super excited to get some plants that I can’t even think straight…That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it. 😉

  • PC Annual planter – $26.00 each AND get 8000 points
  • PC Deluxe annual planter – $28.00 each AND get 9000 points (An impressive $9.00 back!)

PC Optimum points on HEALTH AND BEAUTY products

  • Dove Body Love cleansers OR DoveCare by Plants deodorant $11.99 each – 3000 points each
  • Essie nail colour, Expressie or nail treatments – Buy 2 get 2000 points
  • Reactine – 5000 points for every $20 spent
  • Tresemme hair care or styling products OR Dove Men+Care deodorant or dry spray or AXE dry spray $5.97 each (selected types and sizes) 1000 points
  • Veet hair removal wax strips, wax or creams (Up to 20% off regular prices this week) PLUS 1000 points

PC Optimum points on PET FOOD AND SUPPLIES

  • Purina Friskies dry cat food (1.4 – 1.5 kg bags) $5.49 (limit of 4; after limit price $6.49) – 1000 points

PC Optimum points on PRODUCE (Fruits and Vegetables) this week

  • Farmer’s market MINI CUCUMBERS – large package of 15 – $5.00 each with a limit of 4 (over limit price $6.00 each) and 500 points
  • ORGANIC: PC Organic blueberries – 9.8 oz clamshell package – 750 points

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