Air purifiers Costco – Best deals (sales) on air cleaners and purifiers (Air pollution and wildfires)

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Have you been searching for an air purifier for you home? Costco is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons:

  1. Costco usually has the best price. I figure this is due to their ability to order in such huge quantities, and therefore they can likely negotiate the price of products down. Consumers for the win!
  2. Costco’s customer service is incredible – As in, their return policy! If you need to return any product (for legit reasons of course) then Costco is willing to accept a problematic product back. It’s nice to know that they want you to be so happy with your purchase.

Germ Guardian Air purifiers at Costco

Some of the highest ranking air purifiers at Costco are Germ Guardian brand (link to Costco website.) They are reasonably priced appliances, and you can often purchase the replacement filters either in store at Costco OR online. (Amazon does currently stock Germ Guardian too, if you want to check them out there. Sometimes a little comparison shopping is a very good thing!)

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Where can I find sunflower oil? We found a good deal at Walmart (shortages)

If, like me, you love to use sunflower oil to cook with – from scrambled eggs in the morning, to cooking a couple of veggie burgers for a quick meal – or to bake with, then you’ll already have noticed that there is a huge sunflower oil shortage. Many news outlets say that this is due to the shortage of oil being exported out of Ukraine right now, because of the terrible conflict there. I never knew, but Ukraine is one of the world’s top providers of sunflower oil and sunflower products. This shortage will not only impact consumers directly, but also manufacturers, as sunflower oil is a popular, healthy oil to use in other food products.

Does Walmart have sunflower oil? Yes

I have managed to find a pretty good deal still available at Walmart right now. Check your local store online at before heading out to make sure sunflower oil is still in stock.

As of this morning there is still stock available and a 3 liter jug of sunflower oil is available for $13.97 or $4.66 per liter. Compare this to prices of $6.99 and even higher for 946 mls or 1 liter of oil in other locations. If you can afford to, it still makes sense to get a few extra of these, even at the higher price! Because it certainly seems as if this will be an ongoing problem, so if sunflower oil is your oil of choice – then stock up a bit when you can.

Apple Customer Service – Phone numbers for Canada, the US and Worldwide (Europe and Asia)

Apple customer service is always available and ready to help with any of your questions about your Apple products. Whether you have a MacBook or an iPhone or two, you can always get help when you need to. So, let’s find the specific phone number you’ll need to call to access that customer support.

Customer Service Apple – in Canada – Phone Numbers

Let’s start out in Canada. Apple has a technical support number, probably the most useful customer service number you’ll find for Apple products here in Canada. That number is 1-800-263-3394. We’re happy to note that this customer service number is the same if you prefer to speak in French. So, French or English speaking, use that number to speak to Apple support in Canada.

Customer Service Apple – US phone numbers

If you’ve found us from the US, you’ll need a different set of product support/customer service numbers for Apple. That number is 1-800-275-2273.

Customer Service numbers – Worldwide, including Europe and Asia

If you’re visiting from another country around the world – such as a country in either Europe or Asia, then we still have you covered! Apple’s website lists all of their customer service numbers for every country. Simply click through to find the right contact information for the country you reside in.

Apple Customer Support for Products – Conclusion

We found the customer support/product support numbers for both the US and Canada, plus a link to help you find the correct contact for any other country around the world. We hope this helped you get the help you need for your favourite Apple products.

Shoppers Voice Surveys – Get Free Stuff for filling out surveys in Canada

Do you love expressing your opinion? We all do! I’ve been filling out Shoppers Voice surveys for years (well, I’m sure it’s over a decade now to be honest!) And, once you fill out their surveys, they’ll send you freebies and coupons – all based on the products you already use.

Surveys are fun, but they’re also valuable when you get free stuff in return. If you haven’t filled out Shoppers Voice surveys before, I’d highly recommend them. I’ve gotten free hair stuff (shampoo and conditioner), free swanky skincare items, and loads of high value coupons on groceries that I already use and love.

They just ask that the main grocery shopper in the home fill out the survey. Have fun!

10 Best Baby Shower Gifts Canada – Baby Baskets and more

Is there anything more wonderful or more adorable than a new baby? Since here in Bargainblog land we are currently waiting for one of our dearest friends to have her second bouncing baby boy, we have also been doing a lot of shopping for baby gifts! In particular, we’ve been searching for gifts that are perfect to present to the new Mom at a baby shower. All of these links and resources are available to Canadian Moms, so shop away!

P.S. These all make awesome gifts even if the baby shower is now a virtual shower online. You can have the gifts delivered right to the Mom, and she can open them live at the online/Zoom shower.

1. Diaper Bags

A fantastic diaper bag. As new Moms will become aware all too quickly, they need to carry a LOT of stuff around them to keep the little human cared for and happy! A good diaper bag allows storage of diapers (sorry for being painfully obvious), baby bottles, baby wipes and much more. This cool backpack variety means your hands will be free to carry the baby! And I love that it has an insulated front pocket to safely store bottles of breast milk or baby formula.

2. Baby Toiletries Sets

Baby lotion, baby powder, baby shampoo. Other essentials for the new parents to care for their gorgeous little one are all of these baby toiletries! This full-size set by Live Clean (baby) is perfect for at home or in the baby bag. It comes complete with baby lotion, diaper cream, non-petroleum ointment, baby shampoo and baby wash. Live Clean Baby is healthier for baby and the environment, and uses organic botanicals in its formulas.

3. Baby Sleep Soothing Devices – Baby Shusher

This is a new product to me! It rates very highly on Amazon, as being a soothing sleep miracle product for babies. I’d imagine that anything that allows exhausted, coffee-fueled parents a bit more sleep would be greatly appreciated! It creates a rhythmic, soothing shushing noise that eases the baby back to sleep. You can check it out for yourself (and read the reviews) here.

4. Baby Gift Baskets for Boys, Girls or Unisex

Baby gift baskets – These make a fantastic baby shower gift, because there are so many useful goodies inside! You can create a baby basket yourself, or select one that is pre-made. This cute one for a baby boy has amazing gifts in it like a sherpa blank in a pale blue, a set of 2 Carter onesies (some of the most popular), Lulujo cotton swaddlers and more. And this baby girl basket is overflowing with a soft blankie, an ‘I Love my Bunny’ baby book, Moulin bunny plush toy, Bunny bath mitt and many more items – all sorted in a handy tote. (Unisex baby baskets are also available. The one I chose for you to check out is particulary hilarious with that ‘They Didn’t Stay 6 Feet Apart!’ baby onesie. haha)

5. Baby Food Blenders

Baby food maker/blender – If you know that the new parents are planning to make homemade baby food, then a baby food maker is a great gift! The top rated one I could find is called Nuk smoothie and baby food maker and it comes with everything you need to make baby food – except the fresh ingredients! (It also comes with individual storage cups for baby food, making it easy to store away in fridge or freezer.)

6. Diaper Cakes – Make it Yourself or Buy it

Diaper Cake – If you can’t be bothered creating one of these popular baby shower centerpieces entirely from scratch, then this kit makes it easy to create your own diaper cake. You can customize it with decorations that go with your baby shower theme, or leave it just as it is. A cute and and practical decoration that the new parents can take home and use! (If you would like to make your own diaper cake, there are instructions here, and they claim to be very simple.)

7. Baby Handprint Keepsake Kit

Handprint and Footprint Keepsake Kit – This adorable idea includes a frame that holds two photos of your baby, plus a clay mold that allows you to make imprints of your baby’s hand and foot! This will be one beautiful gift that will stay out on the wall. Very, very sweet.

8. Baby Books

Waterproof baby books – To say I like reading is sort of like saying I like coffee. Ahem. And that love of reading, according to my Mom, began right when I was a baby, as Mom and Dad took reading to me every night very seriously. Sets of baby-safe books means you can read to baby, and then leave the book with them to gnaw on if they so choose. Hey, babies will learn to love books in an entirely different way once they get a wee bit older! The set we chose is entirely waterproof too, so you can even use them in the bathtub!

9. Baby Grooming and Health Sets

Baby grooming and healthcare setsThis organized little kit from Safety 1st comes with: digital thermometer, medicine dispenser, nasal aspirator, infant comb and brush, gum massaging brush, cotton swabs, rattle, nail clipper, nail filer and pacifier. Phew! That is quite a complete set, and it also has a handy storage case to keep it all convenient for Mom or Dad to grab when needed. I am seriously thinking about this one as a gift for my best friend at her baby shower!

10. Baby Shower Guest Books

Baby shower guest book – I love a good guest book. What could be better than to look back and see who was at your special event? And read their words of love! Win, win! There are a variety of styles, like this ‘Oh Baby!’ book, which I am quite partial to. (COVID-19 update idea: Have your friends and family email you the message they’d like to include in the baby shower guestbook, and simply write it in yourself, or paste in the printed out messages on your printer. Not quite as lovely as having it in their handwriting, but if it’s a virtual baby shower, then this is a safe way to keep the memories of that day.)

10 Best Baby Shower Gifts – Conclusion

Baby showers are a joyful event, and we all love to crowd around and watch the new parents open up gift after gift! We are, after all showering the parents, and their family with love with each present they open. I hope our list has given you inspiration to find a unique gift to give to your favourite new Mom, and her baby.

This post contains affiliate links, meaning we may earn a small commission on sales at no extra cost to you. Thank you.

Under Armour Customer Service – Phone Numbers and Online Chat (for Canada and the US)

A person exercising to denote person who could call Under Armour customer service.

Are you trying to find Under Armour customer service information? It might seem to be a daunting task. This is because Under Armour is a huge global sports apparel company which is still growing. Because of this it might be a challenge to contact someone if you have a problem you need to solve. It can be potentially frustrating. Fortunately, there are some contact information if you have a problem. Here are some of these details below on who to contact in the US and Canada.

Under Armour Customer Service US

IF you go to Under Armour’s website here, you will be brought to the customer service help center page. Here it shows how you can track and order, return and exchanges, bulk orders and frequently asked questions. However just below that you can get some contact information which I will put right below.

Toll Free Number: 1-888-727-6687 Mon-Sun: 8am-12am EST

Live Chat – Chat with a member of our support team. Mon-Sat 8 am – 8 pm ET Sun 11 am – 8 pm ET. A nice feature of the live chat, is that it gives you the expected wait times.

Finally there is a Find a store feature on the page where it will find the closest store to you.

Under Armour Customer Service Canada

If you go to Under Armour’s help Center page for Canada here, you will be brought to a form you can fill out if you have a question. There is also an option to look at frequently asked questions. If you still need to contact someone, they have more information below.

Toll Free Number: 1-888-666-1182 Mon-Sun: 8 am – 8 pm ET

The page also has a Live Chat that you can click on to chat with someone. The times for this function is Mon-Sat 8 am – 8 pm ET and Sun 11 am – 8 pm ET. Finally there a find a store locator that you can click on to find the closest store in your area.


Under Armour has options if you need to contact someone with a problem or issue. This is a good thing because problems arise at times. It is also nice that you can email, chat or call to discuss. This gives people options depending upon what is comfortable for them. Under Armour has some contact options which is a good thing.