Bed in a Bag Queen – Fresh new sheets and linens for spring

I recently bought some new cotton sheets. No big deal, right? Well, it felt like an awfully big deal to me! It had been a couple of years since I’d last bought new sheets. When I unpacked them, and made up the bed with them – the cute aqua floral pattern just seemed to brighten up the whole bed, and entire bedroom! (You can see them for yourself here. I chose the aqua colour….they are so cute!!) The price was right too, of course – I am a bargaineer, after all!

Sometimes when spring hits, we get that sudden and intense urge to clean! And freshen, and brighten up the surroundings in our home. And yes, this can absolutely include new bedding and sheets and duvets. If a silly set of new sheets can make me so incredibly happy, just imagine what an entire new bedding set would do. Gracious, I could probably barely handle the excitement. 😉

But, enough about me. If you want to freshen up your bedding easily, without a lot of effort or searching, then Bed in a Bag sets are the way to go. I love the simplicity of ordering one product and getting the sheets, pillowcases, and duvets or comforters all in one convenient set. Perfect!

Spring Inspired Queen Bed in a Bag sets

I know this spring is unlike any we’ve ever known. We’re all stuck indoors WAY more than usual, while coping with this coronavirus pandemic. So, what better time to add a touch of spring beauty to your bedding? I went on a hunt to find super cute bedding to add a touch of spring whimsy, freshness and colour to your bedroom. Here are the best bedding sets I found. *Please note that the links are Amazon links. I am an Amazon associate and earn a small commission if you purchase a product, with no extra charge to you. Thanks guys!*

Comfort Spaces Enya 5 Piece Comforter Set Ultra Soft Hypoallergenic Microfiber Floral Print Bedding, Full/Queen, Aqua/Grey

Currently $86.02 with free shipping on Amazon
So, I love the PRICE of this set, but look at that splash of aqua flowers on the corner of this pretty bed in a bag set. I like the neutral grey background, and the beautiful springtime flower accents. Plus, this set comes with a beautiful little accent cushion. I am a SUCKER for a cute accent cushion, folks. And, it gets a solid 4-star rating on Amazon! Win, win, flower win!

Madison Park Essentials Central Park Queen Size Bed Comforter Set Bed in A Bag – Yellow, Aqua, Grey, Leaf – 9 Pieces Bedding Sets – Ultra Soft Microfiber Bedroom Comforters

I actually gulped a little when I saw this one. The pretty, pale combination of the leaves in shades of yellow, aqua and grey are just so soothing. This set currently is $153.87 with free Amazon shipping.
The 9 piece set includes the comforter, sheets, pillow cases and shams PLUS another cute little accent cushion. Love this. Good high ratings too – a solid 4/5 stars.

Madison Park Essentials Lafael Queen Size Bed Comforter Set Bed in A Bag – Purple, Grey, Vine Leaf – 9 Pieces Bedding Sets – Ultra Soft Microfiber with Cotton Sheets Bedroom Comforters

And our final springtime selection…this lovely offering of bedding with a beautiful cascading floral motif in grey and purple. So pretty! It reminds me of a springtime garden just popping into life.

* Currently $153.87 CDN for the set – free Amazon shipping *

Comes with a comforter, bed sheets (and please note – the sheets are COTTON!), pillow cases and pillow shams. And again, an adorable little matching accent pillow.

Springtime Sheet Sets…Found!

This was an awful lot of fun – finding sweet sheets, all in a springtime motif. I hope you find just the right set to add some much needed spring colour to your bedroom. If we’re stuck at home a lot, snoozing and reading and snacking in bed, we might as well do it with pretty bedding!

Amazon Deals Canada – Buy Groceries online #coronavirus #covid19

Last night, I heard a knock on our apartment door. I was sure I heard it, but then there was just silence. I thought I must’ve been imagining something. I do have a good imagination after all! Then, this morning when my husband was going to wander outside to take out the garbage (funny what constitutes an exciting outing nowadays!) he nearly tripped right over that telltale smiling brown box that meant a shipment from Amazon was here!

Yes, I do rely on Amazon groceries right now. We do our once a week grocery shop at local grocery stores, but I supplement this with some online grocery shopping. I used to get some supplies on Amazon anyway, so now when we’re stuck inside, it’s easy to order there occasionally.

Tips for Ordering Groceries on Amazon during coronavirus

There are some new tips for ordering online groceries through Amazon right now, in this unprecedented time in which we live.

  1. Order quickly – Of course, you can still put an item into your Amazon shopping cart and hold it there until the next time you plan to place an order. But, I’ve discovered the hard way that doing that means the item might be out of stock by the time you’re ready to order! So, be quick and decisive when you really want something Amazon currently has available.
  2. Order a little extra – No, there’s no need to hoard. But, if you are allowed to purchase multiples of an item you use all the time – let’s say granola bars – then buy those extra boxes of snacks while they’re available. You’ll be glad you did if they’re not available again for quite some time. (And sometimes – like our grocery deals of the day listed below, you have to order a minimum quantity. In this case, it’s 2 of each item.)
  3. Check supplies on Amazon often – Even within the same day I’ve seen major changes in what grocery items are available. So, check a few times. Then, when you see what you need – order it! (As we already mentioned in #1, above!)
  4. Be patient – Order times are longer right now, meaning it’ll usually take at least a few extra days to receive your parcel. Please be patient. I think of the Amazon workers and delivery drivers who are slogging through all of these additional orders, and my heart truly goes out to them. Be willing to wait longer to receive your orders. And then, be grateful when they arrive! (I sure am! And as I mentioned in our Should I Disinfect our Groceries? post, I wipe the box and all items inside down with a Clorox or Lysol disinfecting wipe.)

Today’s Best Amazon Deals on Groceries – April 9, 2020

Like I mentioned above, snag these while they’re still available! Stock runs out quickly. (And sorry for the boring looking text only links – Amazon wasn’t allowing me to post pictures of the products for some reason! We are part of the Amazon Associates program. We will receive a small commission when you purchase groceries via our links. We thank you!)

Daiya Gluten Free, Dairy Free Macaroni and ‘Cheeze’ $6.99
Kraft Dinner Snack Cups, Original recipe – Pack of 4 $5.27
Jello Light Raspberry Dessert – Pack of 18 boxes $15.66
Carnation Hot Chocolate mix with mini marshmallows – 481 gram tin – $4.87 (Minimum buy of 2)
Russell Stover Sugar Free mint patties chocolate candy – $2.78 (Minimum order quantity 2)

Hope you snag some deals on Amazon today, if you’re stocking up. Happy grocery hunting, everyone!

Fabric Face Masks and Face Shields on Sale – Buy 1 Get 4 Free has a promo on right now for face masks/face shields. This is very timely, as it’s recommended that we cover our faces whenever we go outside during this coronavirus pandemic. When you buy one of their face shields, you get 4 for free! There are tons of patterns to choose from. (Please note that these are not medical-grade masks or shields, but just a covering for your face when you’re going outside.)

Amazon Grocery Deals Today – The Best Sales on Food and Pantry Items – Coffee, Quaker Oats, Cereal and Gluten Free Snacks

Today we are swooping in with awesome bargains to stock your kitchen cupboards. We found coffee deals, oatmeal deals, cereal deals and even a healthy naturally gluten free snack that EVERYONE in the family will want more of. Please act fast to take advantage of these deals! Some sale products can run out quickly, and sale prices can change just as fast. (Links are affiliate links – we earn a small amount on the purchases, at no cost to you. Thanks for supporting our bargain hunting efforts!)

Only $3.99 for Maxwell House instant coffee. Stock up bargain!

Another stock up price here, folks…only $2.48 for Quaker Instant Oats in the delicious Maple Brown Sugar Flavour. And it only takes 90 seconds to make a bowl of these oats, so makes for a fast and inexpensive breakfast.

Quaker Harvest Crunch cereal (550 gram box) for only $2.98. Yummy Dark Chocolate, Cranberry and Almond flavour.

These healthy coconut macaroons are made from real, natural ingredients! Naturally gluten free, plus they are vegan, low-carb and Paleo. But they still taste lovely!

Hope you managed to snag a deal or two! Thanks for visiting, bargaineers. 🙂

Under Armour Canada Sale – up to 40% off workout gear, jackets, sleepwear and more!

Under Armour is renowned for having exceptional workout gear and sports wear. We’re talking: UA fleece hoodies, workout shorts, sleepwear (nothing more important than recovering from your intense workouts with proper sleep), fleece pants, jackets, and much more! We are sharing two links with you today – one for up to 40% off and the other an EXTRA bonus code for students only!

Under Armour Outlet: Priced So You Can Stock Up – up to 40% off

Extra 10% off for College Students

Up to 70% off on Clearance at Linen Chest – Bed, Bath, Kitchen & More
Up to 70% off home essentials on clearance. Find something for every room in your home at!

What’s on clearance right now at LinenChest – well, just about everything! And I mean there are some incredible savings to catch your attention:

  • 50% off luxury hotel-style bedding collection
  • 50% off Grand Hotel sheets
  • 50-60% off down alternative luxurious duvets (perfect for this terribly cold weather right now!)
  • 70% off a Palermo comforter set in a soothing, sleep-friendly shade of pale grey and white
  • Only $9.95 for a 20 oz. fluffy gusseted jumbo pillow
  • 50% off a Cuisinart Precision stand mixer (was $399.95) Now only $199.99
  • Swiss Gourmet Raclette for only $79.99 (Don’t know what a raclette is? It’s a Swiss-style grill-top cooker with individual little pans that melt cheese. You have a group of pals over, grill delicious meats and veggies and then smother in special raclette cheese. How good does that sound!?) $60 off regular price.
Wow, with up to 70% off on bedding, bath, kitchen goodies and more – this is worth taking a peek at. Great deals, bargaineers!

Amazon Deals – 43% off a KitchenAid Mixer Value Package

Regularly $528.97 – Today only: $299.99

Wow, this is one of those bargains that just can’t be missed! If you’ve been waiting for a spectacular sale to invest in a KitchenAid stand mixer, then this might be exactly the right time for you to go for it.

This value package includes the 4.5 quart stand mixer, an extra 3.5 quart bowl (super handy to have for when you’re doing a lot of baking!), and a flex edge flat beater.

At Real Canadian Superstore this week – Bonus PC Optimum points on select gift cards

5000 bonus PC Optimum points on Uber & H & M Gift cards

I love a great gift card deal! Superstore often has bonus PC Optimum points on selected gift cards. The reason why I love PC points so much is simple – they equal free groceries!

This week’s deal is valid from September 20 – 26. Get 5000 bonus points when you purchase a $25 Uber or H & M gift card. (The bonus points apply on every $25 you spend. So a $50 gift card equals 10000 points!)

Remember…every 5000 points is $5 worth to spend at Superstore or Shoppers. So, if you’re looking for a gift, this might be an awesome option! (And I didn’t even know that you could buy Uber gift cards, let alone at Superstore.)